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Cacao is a beautiful and gentle feminine plant medicine and one of my favourite to commune with, it opens our heart-space and connects us to the frequencies of love, beauty, joy and harmony, as well as with the primordial energy of the Earth and Spirit.

We will be using a Cacao specially carefully sourced from the landscapes of Guatemala, carefully nurtured and curated by local farmers and a devoted women's collective.

Ceremonial Cacao is rich in antioxidants and minerals that promote cardiovascular activity and heart health. It is a natural anti depressant.

Cacao has the ability to open the heart and clear blocked channels energetically, as well as physically. Supports muscle recovery and energy production whilst also calming the nervous system and improving brain function.

Cacao also supports the release of dopamine and endorphin; both of which soothe the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and depression, helping relieve emotional stress. Also containing anandamide, the bliss molecule.

You will be guided into a state of remembrance, bringing transformation and release of old energy, shifting limited patterns and behaviors, journeying into altered states of consciousness deep within your heart.

Supported by the Full moon, we will journey to remember how to balance our commitment to our careers, our  family and responsibilities of life.

We will root and ground deep while we illuminate our direction and path of dharma and purpose, supported with determination and receiving guidance on the resources to realise our dreams, remembering to fulfil them in balance and inner peace.

You will receive activations of primal light codes that help you expand into the next level of consciousness, helping you embrace new versions of yourself, live more through your heart, opening cosmic gates for the manifestation of your dreams and visions.

During the sound healing Electromagnetic energy fields around you are re-created to help you vibrate in harmony with all you are and all you have already created, bringing you deeper into harmony and alignment with your desires, supporting their manifestation in the here and now.

Together we will weave our dreams into life and activate an upgraded form of existence.


Arrival, energy cleansing and grounding
Drink Ceremonial Cacao brew with added adaptogens, spices and superfoods to land deeper into your body and open up your heart(Cacao is from a woman's collective in Guatemala)
Breathwork - specific to the intention of the ceremony
1 hour of Shamanic Channeled Sound Healing Activation journey
Sharing & integrating Circle

RAPÉH will be available fee for those who desire deeper grounding and integration (let Beatriz know if you are interested before the ceremony begins)

Wear comfortable clothes. Yoga mats, pillows, blankets etc are available on site.

★ Available spots: 15 people
★ When: Thursday 18th of July 18.00-20.30
★ Place: Krukmakargatan 31, Södermalm Stockholm 

Who is Beatriz?
Beatriz shares her gifts as a Healer, Shamanic healer, Ceremonialist & Medicine Woman. A singer and sound healer who channels primordial source frequencies as a Spirit language vocalist, a Soul Embodiment & Voice Liberator through creative authentic expression. Background in psychology, NLP, Energy Healing & Shamanism she likes to blend science with magic. She learned to live and create in ritual & ceremony and now supports people in awakening the remembrance of their higher creative nature and true gifts by tapping into intuitive states of creative channeled expression. She guides you to embody your dharma, your highest potential, through living deeply from the heart and fully from the spirit, while creating interactive ceremonial spaces to support your grounded healing expression.

Fram till 48h innan workshopen startar har du fri avbokning. Avbokar du efter detta erhåller vi hela avgiften. För att avboka, maila till så hoppas vi att vi kan ses på ett annat tillfälle istället <3

LOVE! // Beatriz & Oh La Moon ☾

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