Sexual Healing Kit

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"After working on my own sexual healing for many years, I have understood that it’s not an easy road to walk and navigate through - and it takes lots of energy and focus. This is an area which is multi layered and needs to be penetrated and supported from various angles. Human beings are sexual creatures and we wouldn’t exist on this planet if it wouldn’t be for the sexual union. Our most potent and forceful energy within our being - is our sexual energy - our Eros - our life force. Living in a society that denies that part of ourselves is not only wrong, it doesn’t make any sense. So I am happy to be standing in the frontline of the Sexual Educational Revolution. Taking back the power to women (and to men) - and once again become connected to source - our sexuality - and with that finding our most epic drive force. Connecting more with our feminine nature and power, will help us live a life full of pleasure and prosperity. This is not something you will learn only by buying a set of crystals - this is a path you need to jump upon with full commitment. In choosing yourself and putting your needs and growth as a priority. Most probably it will be a topsy turvy ride - as in everything connected to healing. But these crystals is carefully selected to support your inner sexual healing journey. Providing you with the necessary energies you will need on your sensual self exploration. Embarking on the journey to be the Sexual Empress of your own life. Becoming the radiant sexual goddess you were born to be." - Maxinne Björk

The kit contains: 

Golden Healer - The Golden healer is considered to be one of the Master Healers in the crystal field. It connects us to the Golden Ray, the golden light of Universal Life force - Our divine spirit, source and creation. Through its red golden light which is filled with the highest of vibrational energies - it helps remove and clear out blockages. It supports multi-level healing through its powerful penetration into our cells, and helps to even imbalances. Its energy is powerful, yet gentle, and soothing. Golden Healer is used to raise our energy vibration or frequency, which can facilitate spiritual growth & healing communications with our inner being. Meditation with a Golden Healer connects us with source energy, so while doing your morning meditations or morning practices, keep it close or store it in your hand. Be aware of your intention while using the stone. 

Garnet - It’s dark red and regally fit for a queen. The master tantric stone is pure passion but not in a quick and greedy way. This gem is all about going slow, connecting to your dharma, digging deeper, and using your sexual energy as a creative force. It’s earned a reputation for being able to attract love into your life or help you experience a more blissful relationship with yourself. Make sure to keep it close during self love practices, masturbation rituals, love making and manifestation journaling. You can use garnet to open your heart, tune in to your intuition, and build more confidence. This is also the perfect stone to keep near by when you feel your sex life has fallen into a tired slump. 

Flower Agate - Flower Agate is the stone of personal growth. This captivating gem is a crystal of manifesting our potential, fighting fear, and laying the foundation for meaningful growth. It acts as a metaphysical fertilizer for our intentions to give them a loving boost and an energized helping hand. Also called the Agate of Awakening. Just like the rhythms of nature, Flower Agate teaches us and guides us to awaken sexual energy, that for rebirth and creation. A useful stone to remember that we shape our destiny with every choice we make and encourage us to take them using our creative power rather than passivity.

Orange Calcite - This crystal gives us bright sunny citrus vibes with its light orange color. Orange Calcite is closely linked to sexuality and is fresh with energy. This soda pop stone stirs up confidence and encourages sheer indulgence when it comes to play. This gemstone are perfect to use when you want to try and unlock your creative or sexual energies. Orange calcite is one of the very few stones that help with circulating these energies in your body. Boosts vitality & encourages the energetic healing of the reproductive system. Orange Calcite is also known to boost a person’s creativity, removes shyness & is a true amplifier. It’s great to keep this close by in any form of pleasure practice, either alone, with a lover or with your partner. This crystal has a powerful effect on the emotions associated with sex. It can help balance your male and female energies so that you approach your sexual encounters in an empowered and confident way. It helps to dissolve unnecessary guilt or shame and bring in new feelings, allowing you to enjoy your body’s natural pleasures.

Carnelian - Glowing red and orange like the flicker of a passionate flame - full of radiant red hot energy. Carnelian is awesome at igniting those lower chakras which can be the perfect remedy for rousing your sexual energy. This is where your creativity, joy, and passion sit and when these chakras are aligned those traits can freely flow. Place it on your nightstand by your bed to manifest powerful sexual energy in the most optimal way. If you are feeling blocked in passion and joy, place this crystal on your lower chakras during meditation. Carnelian is great for improving physical endurance and fertility, which makes it a perfect stone for increasing libido and conceiving.

Ways to use your crystal kit:

Every crystal is unique - the more time you spend with them, the more vibrationally aligned with them you’ll become. Program your crystals by spending time with them and speaking your intentions verbally, in affirmation format. Example: “My womb is healthy / I am attracting my soulmate / I am sexy / I’m multiorgasmic”

Crystals can also be programmed using visualization. Focus on your intention while you hold the crystal and see in your mind the outcome you are looking for. Example: If you are trying to build sexual confidence, see yourself in a setting that makes you feel sexy and empowered.

Another way to program your crystal is to write your desired outcome on a piece of paper and leave it under or near the crystals.

For rituals you can do with your kit, please read more in this article.

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