Become the Sexual Empress of your life with Maxinne Björk ★

★ Name: Maxinne Björk
★ Working with: 
Somatic Erotic Educator and Tantra Teacher.

Working on my own sexual healing for many years, I have understood that it’s not an easy road to walk and navigate through - and it takes lots of energy and focus. This is an area which is multi layered and needs to be penetrated and supported from various angles. Human beings are sexual creatures and we wouldn’t exist on this planet if it wouldn’t be for the sexual union. Our most potent and forceful energy within our being - is our sexual energy - our Eros - our life force. Living in a society that denies that part of ourselves is not only wrong, it doesn’t make any sense. So I am happy to be standing in the frontline of the Sexual Educational Revolution. Taking back the power to women (and to men) - and once again become connected to source - our sexuality - and with that finding our most epic drive force. Connecting more with our feminine nature and power, will help us live a life full of pleasure and prosperity. This is not something you will learn only by buying a set of crystals - this is a path you need to jump upon with full commitment. In choosing yourself and putting your needs and growth as a priority. Most probably it will be a topsy turvy ride - as in everything connected to healing. But these crystals is carefully selected to support your inner sexual healing journey. Providing you with the necessary energies you will need on your sensual self exploration. Embarking on the journey to be the Sexual Empress of your own life. Becoming the radiant sexual goddess you were born to be. 

Rituals for using the crystal-kit:
Movement Ritual
To fully connect with our feminine essence, both as women and men. We need to get our of our mind and into our body. Most of our daily life practices requires lots of mind focus, and we tend to forget the importance of being aware of our emotions, bodily sensations & the magic that can only happen while we connect with our inner selves. 
Get prepared with your yoga mat, light some incense & make sure to be in a space where you won’t be disturbed. This ritual is only for your presence and eyes. 
Put on your favorite sensual music and then tuning into your body and allow it to move. Connecting with your sensual self only for you! Maybe you are touching yourself while you are dancing, maybe you go slow, maybe its more wild - your needs will vary from day to day. Be present with what’s alive inside of you and connect with your divine feminine.
It’s not a performance, you are doing this to create good sensations within, so no pressure of how it looks like. Don’t let negative beliefs such as ”I can’t dance” stop you. Every body can be in movement and dance!
Move your body to the music and allow yourself to feel the pleasure of being in movement only for yourself. Keep the crystals in a circle around you and let them help you to remove blockages and be boosted by your power. 

Self Pleasure Ritual
Clean your bedroom. A true ritual can only be done with an energetically cleaned space. Buy some flowers for yourself, decorate your bedroom, change your bed sheets, have a shower. Put your personal intention for the practice, but I’m recommending you to avoid having orgasm as the goal. You want to put your crystals close by, maybe on an altar next to you or maybe even in the bed. This Ritual is not supposed to be a quick fix, so give it some time. At least 30 min - 1 hour for your self. Go slow, start with caressing your skin, getting into the mood. Maybe you are fantasizing about something that arouses you. Playing with your breasts, your nipples, your lips. Going into foreplay with yourself. Do to yourself what you would have loved someone else doing to you. 
Then moving in to the self pleasure part with including your genitals. GO SLOW! Explore. And have your intention present with you in your actions. Feeling how your are building up your sexual force from with in, brewing your infinite power. Allow yourself to explore different kinds of pleasure. Be curious about yourself! Maybe you are reaching different climaxes, maybe you aren’t. There is no goal of orgasming here. It’s the building of the sexual energy which is important, your arousal. Charging your crystal with this build up energy will help manifest your dreams.
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